Terms & Conditions

Reservation & Order

*It is a must to verify the truthfulness and the clarity of the kitchen’s information written on the final approved drawing.
*Alfarsi Kitchens is not responsible for any changes or demands that are not stated in the final approved drawing.
*The manufacturing process shall not commence unless the customer signed the final approved drawing and the specications sheet, and give a declaration of the availability of the worksite.
*The duration of supply starts from the date of worksite availability, taking measurements and paying the second payment.
*The customer shall be aware that a special external order is actually entering the customer into a contract with Alfarsi Kitchens, this contract accepts no changes or cancellation.
*The maximum reservation period shall not exceed 9 months, if so the company ( Alfarsi Kitchens) has the right to reconsider the agreed prices and estimate the rate of increase.


*The customer has to pay 50% of the total price at time of signing the contract.
*The customer has to pay the final payment in order to set a date for the installation within 3 weeks from the arrival of the kitchen and completion of the manufacturing, however, the date of installation shall not be set unless the customer paid the final payment.
*In case of failure to pay the final payment, monthly storage fees of 3-10% of the kitchen value will be imposed on the customer.

Delivery & Installation

*Once the worksite is available and ready for installations in terms of painting, marble installment, windows and doors and removing obstacles, the delivery and installation stage can commence.
*If the painting, electrical fixtures, sanitary items, decoration, carpentry, aluminum, marble, and glass are not yet completed, Alfarsi Kitchens abstains from installing the kitchen, but if the customer insists on installing, he/she shall be fully responsible for any damages after
the installation.
*Alfarsi Kitchens is not held liable for any defects, damages or scratches after the date of the final delivery and installation.
*Once the customer or his/her authorized representative received the kitchen, Alfarsi Kitchens is not held liable for any losses in any and all of the goods (devices & accessories).
*Alfarsi Kitchens is not held liable for any losses or damages in the marble panels, sanitary or electrical wiring inside the walls during the installation process, incase the customer did not previously inform the first party.

Changes & Adjustments

*In case of no order of manufacture is placed, any changes or adjustments to the colors or the measurements, or any other requests are conditioned on the consent of the company, in addition, an additional cost is to be charged by the customer, where the increase or decrease in the cost is applied as per the agreed prices and the signature of the customer.

Warranty & Maintenance

*The warranty is deemed invalid in case of not receiving the kitchens contracted on within 7 days as a maximum from the date of the final installment.
*The color warranty of the aluminum kitchen is 10 years, excluding the misuse.
*The wooden kitchen warranty is 5 years, excluding the misuse.
*The warranty of the electrical appliances is 2 years of date of delivery, excluding the misuse.
*The warranty of refrigerators is deemed invalid if the ventilation is insuficient, and subject to the instructions of the attached manual.
*A free of charge warranty for 10 years on the artifitial marble covers the breakage and the discoloration, excluding the misuse. In addition,
a maximum 10 times free of charge polishing is included for the artifial marble during the warranty period
*No warranty shall cover the natural marble, granite and glass.
*The customer has to achnowledge that any discoloration or deformity of the veins that may occur to the natural marble or granite panels since such materials are products of the nature and not artificial ones, furthermore, the samples we have in our showroom do not reflect the whole nature or the final color of the marble, therefore, Alfarsi Kitchens is not responsible for any discoloration.
*Free of charge maintenance for 5 years for the worn spare parts such as hinges and drawer slides, excluding the misuse. Once the above period is over, the customer will be charged any costs of any spare parts or worn materials.

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